Webinar: Open questions about nano and face masks

Face masks characterize the public spaces today. Together with other measures, such as social distancing, hand hygiene and contact tracing, masks actively contribute to fight the spread of COVID-19 until vaccines or drugs will be available to treat the disease.

Every crisis creates opportunities. In recent months, many Swiss SMEs have been thinking about what makes a good mask. They have scaled up networking, have been experimenting and tinkering and tried out different ways to develop a sustainable high-tech mask made in Switzerland.

But before a new protective mask can be launched on the market either as a respiratory protection mask (Filtering Facepiece mask or FFP) or a surgical mask, a whole series of tests must be run and certificates to guarantee its quality must be obtained. Protective masks containing nanomaterials in particular must meet the requirements of the EU Medical Devices Regulation of 2017.

Having received an increasing number of enquiries about nanoparticles and face masks, contactpointnano.ch has organized a webinar on Nano and masks.


Sergio Bellucci: The national contactpointnano.ch

Peter Wick: Covid-19, face masks and how nanotechnology can provide solutions

Margrit Widmann:  Classification and regulation of protective masks

Wouter Pronk: Antiviral face masks: Industrial experience

Christoph Geers: The Swiss NanoAnalytics platform

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